How to get started with skateboarding

Everyone must begin at some place. In the event that you need to learn to skateboard, however don’t have the any idea about an Ollie from an elbow, you have landed to the correct place.

You can learn to get the correct rigging for learning to skate, learn to remain on the board and ride serenely without tumbling down, and some accommodating clues for staying with it and really learning to ride.

Get a board that suits your interests

Get a board that suits your interests. There are heaps of styles and brands of boards accessible for all ability levels and interests. Visit a nearby skate shop to browse the choices and get counsel from more experienced skaters in picking a skateboard that is suitable for your size as well as desires from your board:

  • Longboards: Longboards are extraordinary for cruising and simple for the beginners to move. In case you are occupied with something that will east and simple to hop on and go, or a remark you from place to put, a long board is unquestionably the approach. They are not best for the tricks, so in case you are keen on popping ollies then it’s not the best choice.
  • Skateboards: Skateboards are what you think when you think “skateboard.” With decreased finishes ideal for kicking tricks and bounces, and a simple delicate mobility, these boards are astounding for skating around at higher speeds, however they will take somewhat more practice to get adjusted when you are first beginning. In case that you need to end drop into a half-pipe, then this is the board for you.
  • Custom boards: Custom boards are fabricated and gathered yourself with essential instruments. By and large, more experienced skaters will pick their wheels, trucks, heading, and deck independently from the choices accessible. This regards pick the best brand of every part, while a pre-assembled board might have maybe a couple awful segments in particular.

Ensure your board is set up accurately for a beginner

You don’t need a super-bended board and free trucks when you are first beginning. While those sorts of highlights might be awesome for doing some tricks, they are significantly harder to remain adjusted while riding upon the board; making it improbable that you will stick to it, in the event that you can’t learn to stay on the skateboard.

You need a moderately level board with tight trucks to be trained on. You can release the trucks later, when you can control the speed wobble.

Get a pair of good skate shoes

Attempting to jump on the board with battle boots or flip-flops is a decent method to hurt yourself or curve a lower leg. Skate shoes have the correct sort of sole to hold the board and guarantee both security and support, making them perfect for learning to skate.

If you are not ready to locate a specific skating brand, what you need is a level sole. Maintain a strategic distance from the sort of finished tread basic for running or tennis shoes, and rather go for something more like a deck shoe, with an even and level surface on the base.

Always wear a helmet and protective gear

It’s significant that you have a skating cap, which includes smooth surface and a cozy button tie to protect the head. It’s imaginable you’ll fall, so it is essential that you guarantee the well-being and wear the head protector. Some even look quite cool!

  • Additionally, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads are additionally basic defensive rigging to wear, particularly when you’re initially beginning. When you get easy on the board then you will likely not have to wear the pads each time you need to skate, however whenever you’re learning a new trick, and particularly when you’re first learning to stay on the board, extra pads are a good and smart thought.
  • There’s nothing dorky about maintaining a strategic distance from costly outings to the crisis room, mainly when you’re first beginning. Try not to give anybody a chance to disclose to you that “genuine skaters” don’t utilize defensive gear, which is a foolish, immature, and level out off-base. In addition, a head protector is cooler as compared to permanent damage to your head or brain.

Locate a place to skate

Preferably, you will need smooth cement, without numerous knocks and breaks that will jar you as you’re attempting to learn to move. In the long run, you’ll have the capacity to skate over uneven surfaces securely, however it is simplest to learn in a parking area or garage that is for the most part level and even.

It’s sadly increasingly hard to discover places that welcome the skateboarders; given the uncalled for the reputation skateboarding has in some towns. Don’t be the skater that gives reputable boarders a terrible name: make sure that you have the authorization to skate when you are skating, and refrain from scraping up the property that doesn’t belong to you.


There are two different ways to remain on the skateboard. Normal position is with your left foot placed at the front of the board, pushing with the right foot. Ridiculous position is with the right foot placed at the front of the board, pushing with the left. Experiment with both, you will by and large discover one feels more normal as compared to the other.


The most critical thing to learn is pushing while you are on the board. When you are happy with doing that then you can advance on to learning some tricks. An Ollie is one of the primary trick most of the skateboarders endeavor to ace, as it is the reason for some, different tricks.

Punch “skateboard trap tips” into an internet searcher on the web and you will discover a large group of recordings, which offer significant information on the best method to learn distinctive sorts of skateboarding tricks.

Learning to Stop

Knowing how to stop is similarly as critical as knowing how to go along! You could either put all the weight on the back foot so it drags along the ground and you will reach a continuous stop or take the back foot off and drag it gently along the ground next to the board.

Get motivation from different sources

Read skate magazines and watch skating videos and you will discover different skateboarders will give you the motivation to go and have a go at something new.

Watch heaps of skating videos

Skating recordings are at the core of skating society. Compilation tutorials and videos are generally accessible for free on the Internet. You can discover virtuosic showcases of skating ability, and in addition accommodating insights and tips for skateboarding beginners.

Braille Skateboarding, Martin Kotora, and Strictly Skateboarding are some really nice channels to get started.

Learn to fall

No skater has ever not tumbled off the board. It can be disheartening, however learning to fall can help ensure you don’t truly hurt yourself. Always wear a protective cap, to guard the head, and remember to use the wrist guards, which you could use to take the brunt of most falls and stay away from the frightful scratches that are a piece of the skating scene.

The most basic issue is normally running over little stones that stick up the wheels, or hitting a break that all of a sudden makes you lose the balance. Watch out for the landscape as you are skating, yet keep your eyes up to remain balanced as much as it could be possible.

Skate with other skaters

Like music and different games, skating is most straightforward to learn when you have great individuals to learn from. Connect with more experienced skaters to watch and learn whatever you can, grabbing some tips and tricks while you are learning. Request guidance and speak the truth about your experience.

Ensure that you don’t get suckered into taking a stab at something you are not prepared for. In the event that you go out skating with a group of friends ollieing down a trip of stairs, you could twist up harming yourself in case you are simply attempting to learn how to stop without tumbling down. Go gradually. You will get there ultimately.

Try skating downhill

Giving gravity a chance to help you en route is an essential advance in radiating a further developed skater. It can be unnerving the first time when you begin going downhill and don’t need to push, so learning to work with it and remain responsible for the board is something worth being thankful for to learn at an appropriate time.

Try tricks when you are ready

When you begin getting settled on the board and can remain on it consistently without tumbling down, you might be prepared to begin attempting a trick or two. It’s what you have been working toward! The best and most effortless tricks for the beginners are:

  • Shove-it
  • Grinding
  • Ollie
  • Kick-flip

Toward the day’s end that is what it’s about. Skateboarding truly can give you some of the best encounters of your life!

Things you need to do and pack before leaving for skateboarding

The road trips are the heart of skateboarding. Always try to get out of your common spots and hit upon somewhere new in order to pulverize your trucks and slide your wheels. Climb new mountains, dive into some icy water and eat new foods. The skate trips are about the journey as much as they are about skateboarding.

Travelling provides you a wonderful opportunity to take a break from your hectic routine and make your mind fresh. Travelling with your friends is super exciting. The travelling in group is always more fun. If you plan on traveling with a skateboard then the first thing which you need to decide is the way you will carry your skateboard i.e. pack it or hold it.

Traveling is fun, but it can also come with some difficult and complex situations. At the end, making mistakes will provide you the best life skills. It is good to go out and travel around the world, skate fast roads and meet new people. If you are not a frequent traveler and is not completely familiar with the dos and don’ts of stake travelling then seeking a professional help is a good approach.

Vacation Planner

Hiring a vacation planner will help you in number of ways. He will design a complete vacation plan based upon your requirements and needs. Planning a vacation and making it memorable for your whole life is not an easy task to perform.

The vacation is important in order to make your soul and mind fresh. Try to plan everything according to your taste and choice. A vacation planner can help you a lot in this. There are some characteristics and skills of successful vacation planner. These are as follows:


We all require a little guidance while planning a skate trip. This guidance cannot be obtained properly from internet; one should talk to some professional who is experienced in this field.

A good vacation planner first identifies the nature of their clients. The nature reveals a lot about people interests. Normally the places where people plan their skateboarding are as follows:

  • North Italy
  • Tenerife (Sliders skate house).
  • Bela Joyride (Austria)
  • KnK Longboard camp ( Slovenia)
  • Wallonhill (Belgium)
  • Barcelona

A vacation planner should be friendly and communicate well with their clients. This will help in gaining the clients confidence and trust. The clients then tell their demands openly to the planner. There are some responsibilities of vacation planners. It includes:

  1. The planner first identifies the need of the customers.
  2. The vacation planner can easily manage multiple tasks at the same time.
  3. He is a good problem solver.
  4. Vacation planners have a complete knowledge about the vacation spot.

A good vacation planner can save a lot of your time and effort. All the basic details and general arrangements i.e. arranging a resort or a hotel for accommodations, ground and air transportations, tour packages and car rentals, things to bring etc are made by them.

They also advice their customers on visa and passport applications, inoculation dealings, special health insurance and travel protection and other foreign travel necessities.

Note: Even if you’re going out for a skateboard excursion in your home town, it’s a good idea to know what the weather will be like(check your favorite website or invest in a weather station)

Group travelling suggests numerous opportunities to socialize

The group travelling will provides you the ultimate and distinctive chance to bond with your friends and family. You can share your experiences and adventures with one another in order to make the holiday more unforgettable and thrilling. If you plan to travel with your friends, then try to pick your friends wisely. This is because you are going to spend some few days out of your home and work. So try to choose the friends which have same fun style and enjoy the same things as you.

What to Bring

Always keep this in your mind that less stuff means less responsibility. Try to bring only the important stuff. The things which you actually need for your skateboarding trip are your skateboard, all necessary safety equipments, you passport, your wallet and your cell phone.

Food poisoning is a real thing. Nothing is worse than losing control of your physically functions, particularly when you’re on a trip. Try to avoid streetfood as much as you can.

Your passport is the one of the most important things to have when you take a trip, particularly when you are international. Carry your board onto the plane in order to keep away from paying extra at check-in. It’s often a fine idea to take off your wheels and trucks, especially in case when you are travelling with multiple boards.

Holidaying with your friends and colleagues is less expensive because everyone will be sharing the cost of transportation, tour tickets, food and accommodation.

A large number of airline companies, resorts and hotels also provide group discounts to the customers who travel in group. These days, your cell phone is your guide to life. Try to keep a power bank with you all the time so that you cannot run out of battery.

It makes you more confident and strong

Skate travel with your friends and group can push you to try different adventurous things, which you would never do on your own. It forces you out of your comfort zone and allows you to be braver. There is nothing more exciting than a group travel. One can make a lot of memories and experiences that are felt deep in the soul. Travelling is fun but with the company of love ones it becomes more electrifying and exciting.

Always try not to bring too many valuables. Cameras, laptops, and cell phones are fine, but leave those fancy electronics, watches and other expensive things at home. We can only enjoy when we feel free and light.


Skateboarding drills for beginners

Skateboarding is the best activity that will allow you to stay fit and reach your destination in a fun way. There are many amazing moves that you can learn while skateboarding. However, it is not easy to become a perfect skateboarder. You will have to maintain a proper exercise plan to become a perfect skateboarder. Here are some of the drills for the beginners that can turn them into a perfect skateboarder.

Learn the basics

So, you have got your perfect skateboard. You are ready for the first ride but before you get started it is important that you learn how to mount your skateboard. It is important that you learn to mount the skateboard. Practice is important because that is the only way you can safely ride the skateboard. It is better that you spend the first 2 hours on learning the basics.


The most important skateboarding drill that you have to practice is pushing. You might feel like it is simple and easy but practice is very important. If you will not learn to push the skateboard properly, you will not be able to ride it. It will help you learn how to achieve a higher level of speed. In the beginning, you will learn a single push but with the passage of time, you have to work on multiple pushes while maintaining your balance.

Tick tack drill

Once you are comfortable with riding the skateboard and you have learned how to increase and maintain the speed, it would be perfect that you learn the next important skill known as tick tacking.

  1. Once you can perfectly manage your balance regardless of the speed, you will naturally learn how to tick tack.
  2. It is the best drill that will help you to improve your skill of maintaining the agility and balance while skateboarding.
  3. You have to be extra careful while practice tick tacking because it is not as simple as it seems like.
  4. Make sure that you are careful while riding the skateboard on the slopes and different types of flat grounds.
  5. Assure that you are not putting yourself and others around you in danger.

Manual and nose manual

Once you have become the master of tick tacking the next drill you will have to master is manual-ing. It is the technique in which you have to balance yourself on one corner of the skateboard. It can be the front or back corner. It is the toughest and best technique that will allow you to improve your balance even n tough situations. It will take some time to develop the skills, so it is better that you start with the small goals. The opposite of manual is nose manual. You have to follow the same technique, but it is important that you adjust yourself properly for better results.

Frontside and backside power slide

Once you have learned all the basics and balancing tricks, it is important that you move towards some of the tough techniques. With the help of Frontside and backside powerslide, you can learn to forcefully turn your skateboard at 90 degrees. As the skateboard slides your body will turn forward. It is a very important trick that will help you learn how to control your speed while you are going downhill. It is a common trick that most people perform on the ledges, boxes, and bowls.

You should know that it is a very difficult drill to practice because you have to maintain a certain speed first and them balance your weight accordingly to assure that you can properly rotate without any disturbance. With the proper weight distribution, you will go flying off the skateboard for a second. Assure that you keep your center of gravity low to the ground for the best effects.

It will take time and training to become a perfect skateboarder. There is no trick that you can use to master skateboarding overnight. It is better that you practice as much as you can and stay consistent. It might take some time but with practice, you will notice the positive results. It is better that you work with an expert because they can teach you the skills in limited time.


How to stand on a skateboard

A kind of the sports that allows the person to imaginarily fly is the best one. It allows the person some serious risks, excitement, thrill, and sports aggressiveness in life that is otherwise difficult to get in any other sports or events.

People who choose to take a risk over relaxing and playing it safe have no idea how thrilling it is to encounter dangerous activities on a daily basis and coming safely out of it every single time. However, this requires practicing that is the exact case with skateboarding.

While skateboard might be the beginner’s choice to start off with the sports involving risk factors, it is a quite sensational one that keeps the player engaged in the activity throughout without the blink of an eye because otherwise, you will lose the stance that is the result of poor concentration.

This is why people who are experienced in skateboarding suggest the beginner’s to first sharpen their concentration skills and then take up other tutorials to learn how to stand on the skateboard.

Why is it important to acquire a perfect stance on the skateboard?

Skateboarding is all about balancing both the feet on a reasonably slim flat surface that does not let the player fall off even on the uneven surfaces. This is why the main focus is on acquiring the perfect stance on a skateboard because of which the sports gets better every time you experience it while practicing hard.

Skateboarding is another word for maintaining the right balance for which it is obvious to obtain the perfect adjustment of the feet and its stance on the skateboard with perfection that allows the player to experience an absolutely thrilling sport that allows the flying feeling which is definitely incomparable with any other non-risky and boring sports

How to obtain the absolute stance on a skateboard?

Here is a step by step guide on how to start practicing standing on a skateboard to be able to become a perfectionist at it in a minimum time period.

  1. Polish your focus:

As mentioned above, concentration is the key to standing with the right stance and posture on the skateboard. This can be done by polishing the focus and the concentration by practicing some serious concentration hacks including listening to the music or playing video games that require absolute focus for surviving.

  1. Decide the stance:

Standing on the skateboard can be done with two stances, regular and goofy. While the regular one requires the player to place the left foot forward, the goofy stance is to be maintained with the right foot forward. This can be done by observing which foot is used first for kicking a ball, walking on a staircase, or maintaining balance when pushed from behind.

  1. The feet should be shoulder apart:

The feet should be shoulder apart while standing on a skateboard because this way you get o equally divide the body weight with maintaining the perfect balance on the long and thin surface.

  1. Bend yourself a little:

Bending yourself a little allows the player to shift the body weight to the hips because of which it becomes easier to stand smoothly on the flat surface while moving. Also, bending is good for maintaining a fine body posture for a leveled skateboarding experience.

  1. Look forward:

Looking forward is also one of the tips to balance on the skateboard because this way you get to stand straight and move ahead without getting distracted from the surroundings that might result in falling off.

  1. Use your hands for adjusting the air balance:

Using hands for adjusting the balance is something very natural and tried and tested due to which the player gets to remain still and stable throughout the skateboarding activity.

  1. Practice by standing on a smooth/gripping surface:

While practicing for standing still on the skateboard, it is suggested to start with a smooth and gripping surface such as grass. This way, the players can get a hold on the skateboard’s grip as a beginner.

  1. Choose comfortable shoes:

Comfortable and fitted shoes are also necessary for maintaining a firm balance on the skateboard because loose ones might frequently move the feet, which is harmful to safe skateboarding.

Standing firmly on a skateboard can be easily done while considering this step-by-step guide that can b obviously attained after thorough practice sessions.


Best skateboard brands(which ones to get)


The skateboard industry has become highly competitive because there are many companies producing the best quality skateboards. You will be surprised to know that some of the products have been designed and introduced in the market by some of the top skateboarders.

The number of brands working in the industry is rapidly increasing and it becomes hard for the customers to select which one would be perfect for them.

You have to select the skateboard according to your skill level and for that proper information is very important. To help you out with the process, here we have the list of top skateboard brands that have the best quality products available in the market.


The skateboard organizations that are known at the best incorporate Element Skateboards. Established in 1992 by proficient skateboarder Johnny Schillereff, the organization’s objective was to develop Johnny’s unique vision to manufacture an organization that conveyed attention to skateboarding.

The objective is to center around its uses in nature and the earth and the interconnecting of workmanship and skateboarding. Created from an urban mindset that was harsh around the corners, the brand was changed to grasp the “tree” logo with an accentuation on the positive and improving the world a place. A client can buy amazing skateboards that incorporate the wheels, decks, trucks, and unique orientation or they can redo a deck to suit their necessities.

Design and looks are additionally advertised. There are 20 proficient skateboarders by the Elements group including such names as Nyjah Houston, Brandon Westgate, Nick Garcia, and Mark Appleyard.

Plan B

Introduced in 1991 by proficient skateboarding expert Mike Ternasky who was murdered in an accident in 1994, Plan B Skateboards was reestablished by proficient skateboarders Colin McKay and Danny Way in 2005.

  1. The best Skateboards mark, perceived by its exceptional logo, and offers customization, however, it additionally delivers skateboards that come as of now gathered and prepared for prompt action with everything available, the skateboarder requires which includes the wheels, deck, trucks, and perfect orientation.
  2. The decks are manufactured with a tough and thick seven layered maple wood.
  3. They are additionally intended for you to make them extraordinarily yours with cool designs that uncover your identity.
  4. Notwithstanding the decks, Plan B likewise delivers toolboxes, wheels, and the type of hip gadget that each skateboarder needs to be seen wearing.
  5. Notwithstanding Way and McKay, as well as the Plan B group comprises of professional skateboarders Chris Cole, PJ Ladd, Pat Duffy, Torey Pudwill, Ryan Sheckler, Leticia Bufoni, Felipe Gustavo, Sean Sheffey and Chris Joslin.


Skateboards by Girl, with its unmistakable “ladies’ washroom” logo, is a brand appropriated by Crailtap and it was established in 1993 principally by proficient skateboarders Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. It was made to give genius skateboarders a future. The deck of Girl is made of seven layers of maple wood, which is solid and safe. Decks can be altered in a wide assortment of illustrations or can highlight the logo.

For the individuals who would prefer not to modify, finish skateboards are accessible that incorporate the deck, trucks, wheels, and course. Gadgets, including the Girl logo, are accessible in a wide assortment of styles. The Girl group comprises of Brandon Biebel, Sean Malto, Andrew Brophy, Cory Kennedy, Mike Mo Capaldi, Jeron Wilson, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Simon Bannerot, Rick McCrank, and Tyler Pacheco.


Skateboards by Zero is the American best organization for skateboards that leaves California. The brand, speaking to by a skull logo, was established by proficient skateboarder like Jamie Thomas and is disseminated by Dwindle Distribution.

Zero brand is about resistance and opportunity of articulation regardless of society’s principles. The organization offers finish skateboards that accompany the wheels, deck, trucks, and course, and decks you can tweak, frill and attire. Notwithstanding Thomas, the Zero group is Dane Burman, Tommy Sandoval, James Brockman, Windsor James, Tony Cervantes, Adrian Lopez, Kurt Hodge and Chris Wimer.


Established and introduced by NHS, Inc., Skateboards by Creature was introduced by proficient skateboarders Jason Adams, Russ Pope, Darren Navarrette and Barket Barrett in 1994. The organization was recreated in the mid-2000s.

The brand is known for its ghastliness topics on its skateboards. The organization offers excellent finishing of skateboards that incorporate the wheels, decks, trucks, and design and in addition adaptable decks.

The Creature group incorporates 19 proficient skateboarders. Notwithstanding Navarrette, the list incorporates such names as Chris Russell, Al Partanen, David Gravette and Cory Juneau.


Top Skateboards originate from organizations, for example, Skateboards by Blind. Champion skateboarder Mark Gonzales established the brand and it was introduced in 1989. Today, items are designed by Dwindle Distribution Company. The brand is expected for genuine, stylish skateboarders. The biggest attraction of the product is the images and designs that are applied to the deck.

In the mid-1990s, the company has set itself apart from rest of the skateboard makers by making recordings. They are to begin with, coordinated by Spike Jonze, showed up in 1991. You can get products at Blind that incorporates the wheels, decks, trucks, and directional devices. The Blind Team consists of proficient skateboarders

  1. Cody McEntire
  2. Kevin Romar
  3. Morgan Smith
  4. Micky Papa
  5. Jason Thurtle
  6. Yuto Horigome
  7. Sewa Kroetkov
  8. Sam Beckett
  9. TJ Rogers

Santa Cruz

Skateboarders from all around the world know Santa Cruz for its “Shouting Hand” logo, planned by amazing craftsman Jim Phillips, and the enormous fine art showed on the decks, including arrangement styles, for example, their Star Wars and Marvel arrangement.

Appropriated by NHS, Inc. and established in 1973, the brand based in California is the most seasoned persistent skateboard organization on the planet. Santa Cruz sheets are produced using 100% pure maple imported from North America and they offer special finishing for skateboard’s, decks as well as sheets.

The Santa Cruz group comprises of 16 proficient skateboarders including names, for example, Eric Dressen Dylan Williams, Blake Johnson, and Emmanuel Guzman.


One of the most famous skateboarding organizations that are at the operation is Almost Skateboards, established by master skateboarders Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song in 2003 and marketed by Dwindle Distribution. Both had stopped taking part in their past organizations, Artifact and Enjoi, separately.

This is a brand that focuses on fun and uniqueness yet on likewise not considering oneself excessively important. The organization produces decks made of 7-layers and 8-layers of carbon fiber that are bound with tar epoxy stick.

The brand offers products that incorporate skateboards with the deck, trucks, wheels, and they have a famous clothing line. The group comprises of Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, Cooper Wilt, Yuri Facchini, Youness Amrani, Tyson Bowerbank, Mitchie Brusco and Fran Molina.


The Chocolate Skateboards is one of the famous skateboarding organizations dispersed by Crailtap. On the foot rear areas of Girl, Chocolate was propelled in 1994 by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. The Chocolate hearts logo is the biggest attraction of the product.

Their skateboards are made of sturdy seven layered maple wood. Designs are likewise essential to the Chocolate brand, and you will discover things, for example, great autos or kid’s shows.

You can discover Chocolate skateboards with trucks, deck, bearings, wheels and customized designs. The Chocolate group comprises of Kenny Anderson, Vincent Alvarez, Chico Brenes, Jesus Fernandez, Justin Eldridge, Chris Roberts, Stevie Perez, Elijah Berle, Jerry Hsu and Raven Tershy.


Skateboards by Flip is an abnormal state skateboards organization that moved from the UK to California to explore the American skateboarding industry. It was propelled in 1991 by Jeremy Fox and by proficient skateboarder Geoff Rowley.

They both realized that to accomplish the most abnormal amounts as a skateboarding organization it was essential to pick up the acknowledgment one can just get in the U.S.

Besides, in 2017, Flip banded together with the European skateboard creation and conveyance organization HLC. Flip Skateboards has the decks that are produced using 7-layered maple wood.

Clients can appreciate the standard decks and additionally the P2 models that are manufactured with an oval-molded fiber fortification board which makes them additional sturdy.

Hallucinogenic plans decorated a significant number of the Flip skateboards and also different outlines. The Flip group has 15 proficient skateboarders, including names, for example, David Gonzalez, Tom Penny, and Luan Oliveira.

Bottom line

Make sure that you buy your skateboard from the brand that you are most satisfied with. You cannot make the mistake of buying any skateboard that you like. It is important that you consider your requirements and skill level before you select the product that you would like to invest in. It is important that you consider the reviews and rating of the company you are planning to work with. It will give you the perfect idea about the brand and product that would be perfect for you.

Assure that you consult a specialist before buying the skateboard that you would like to have. they will give you the perfect idea about the product that will suit your demands perfectly. Do not waste your time and money on any fake item or product that you do not even want.

7 epic locations to skateboard in the world

Skateboarding is one of that sports that does not require a proper platform or place to experience the thrill that involves the high and low jumps while maintaining a fine balance on the skateboard.

People who wish to fly while not being able to actually do it mostly prefer skateboarding because it gives that feeling of freedom and air entering the soul while completely satisfying it. This is the main reason that most skateboarders are seen with their equipment while traveling from places to places without needing any vehicle for transportation.

However, as much as it is possible to skateboard anywhere from the sliding pillars to the staircase, the fact cannot be denied that the perfect spots are still needed for practicing and becoming a perfectionist at doing it without experiencing a fall. For this purpose, some of the epic locations have been finalized and short-listed from all around the world that is a dream of the professional and casual skateboarders for some seriously thrilling skateboarding encounter to get the almost real feeling of flying in the air while standing smoothly on the skateboard.

  1. Burnside, USA:

This place in underneath the Burnside bridge in Portland that was built back in 1990 by some skateboard lovers named Bret Taylor and his crew. The main motive behind making this place under the bridge for skateboarding is to provide a dry platform for the players to experience the sport when it’s raining or humid outside on the roads and proper skateboard stage

  1. Big O, Montreal:

In 1976, when Canada hosted the summer Olympics, the stadium was created with a round bullet type of an entrance for the visitors. Nobody had an idea at that time that is was soon going to be turned into a skateboard spot when in 1980s the skaters started using it as their favorite spot for skateboarding while showcasing their amazing talents to the random viewers as well.

  1. Kona Skatepark, USA:

This park in the USA has been there for around 40 years that also makes it one of the historic places to visit in town. Also, the park holds some great importance in terms of being one of the oldest and exciting places to properly skate with numerous idea to do it such as straight, curved, and staircase skateboarding.

  1. Red Ribbon, Guangzhou:

This place is located in the center of the city that is also known as one of the most amazing and properly carved spots for skateboarding. The perfectly curved space allows the skaters to experience some serious risky and thrilling skateboarding, especially for professionals.

  1. Landhausplatz, Innsbruck, Austria:

Landhausplatz is the ideal spot for the skaters to experience a variety of the skating moves all in the same area. The place is known as the perfect architectural design for the skaters who wish to skate in the middle of the crowd with so many variations that are also an ideal place to for the regular practice sessions.

  1. Absolut Park, Austria:

The ideal slopes and surface to skateboard are hard to find in the other areas of the town due to the city being the perfect tourist destination. However, in the middle of the Absolut Park lie these amazingly created slopes for the skaters to encounter an electrifying skating experience that is also the best place to practice. This is why it said to be one of the most popular skateboard platforms in town, best known for its indoor smooth slopes.

The most amazing fact about skateboarding is that s can be done at any place and at any time regardless of the location and its surroundings. However, it is always best to do it in a place that is meant for the purpose because of which the player gets to experience different moves in the diversified platform.