Skateboarding drills for beginners

Skateboarding is the best activity that will allow you to stay fit and reach your destination in a fun way. There are many amazing moves that you can learn while skateboarding. However, it is not easy to become a perfect skateboarder. You will have to maintain a proper exercise plan to become a perfect skateboarder. Here are some of the drills for the beginners that can turn them into a perfect skateboarder.

Learn the basics

So, you have got your perfect skateboard. You are ready for the first ride but before you get started it is important that you learn how to mount your skateboard. It is important that you learn to mount the skateboard. Practice is important because that is the only way you can safely ride the skateboard. It is better that you spend the first 2 hours on learning the basics.


The most important skateboarding drill that you have to practice is pushing. You might feel like it is simple and easy but practice is very important. If you will not learn to push the skateboard properly, you will not be able to ride it. It will help you learn how to achieve a higher level of speed. In the beginning, you will learn a single push but with the passage of time, you have to work on multiple pushes while maintaining your balance.

Tick tack drill

Once you are comfortable with riding the skateboard and you have learned how to increase and maintain the speed, it would be perfect that you learn the next important skill known as tick tacking.

  1. Once you can perfectly manage your balance regardless of the speed, you will naturally learn how to tick tack.
  2. It is the best drill that will help you to improve your skill of maintaining the agility and balance while skateboarding.
  3. You have to be extra careful while practice tick tacking because it is not as simple as it seems like.
  4. Make sure that you are careful while riding the skateboard on the slopes and different types of flat grounds.
  5. Assure that you are not putting yourself and others around you in danger.

Manual and nose manual

Once you have become the master of tick tacking the next drill you will have to master is manual-ing. It is the technique in which you have to balance yourself on one corner of the skateboard. It can be the front or back corner. It is the toughest and best technique that will allow you to improve your balance even n tough situations. It will take some time to develop the skills, so it is better that you start with the small goals. The opposite of manual is nose manual. You have to follow the same technique, but it is important that you adjust yourself properly for better results.

Frontside and backside power slide

Once you have learned all the basics and balancing tricks, it is important that you move towards some of the tough techniques. With the help of Frontside and backside powerslide, you can learn to forcefully turn your skateboard at 90 degrees. As the skateboard slides your body will turn forward. It is a very important trick that will help you learn how to control your speed while you are going downhill. It is a common trick that most people perform on the ledges, boxes, and bowls.

You should know that it is a very difficult drill to practice because you have to maintain a certain speed first and them balance your weight accordingly to assure that you can properly rotate without any disturbance. With the proper weight distribution, you will go flying off the skateboard for a second. Assure that you keep your center of gravity low to the ground for the best effects.

It will take time and training to become a perfect skateboarder. There is no trick that you can use to master skateboarding overnight. It is better that you practice as much as you can and stay consistent. It might take some time but with practice, you will notice the positive results. It is better that you work with an expert because they can teach you the skills in limited time.