Best skateboard brands(which ones to get)


The skateboard industry has become highly competitive because there are many companies producing the best quality skateboards. You will be surprised to know that some of the products have been designed and introduced in the market by some of the top skateboarders.

The number of brands working in the industry is rapidly increasing and it becomes hard for the customers to select which one would be perfect for them.

You have to select the skateboard according to your skill level and for that proper information is very important. To help you out with the process, here we have the list of top skateboard brands that have the best quality products available in the market.


The skateboard organizations that are known at the best incorporate Element Skateboards. Established in 1992 by proficient skateboarder Johnny Schillereff, the organization’s objective was to develop Johnny’s unique vision to manufacture an organization that conveyed attention to skateboarding.

The objective is to center around its uses in nature and the earth and the interconnecting of workmanship and skateboarding. Created from an urban mindset that was harsh around the corners, the brand was changed to grasp the “tree” logo with an accentuation on the positive and improving the world a place. A client can buy amazing skateboards that incorporate the wheels, decks, trucks, and unique orientation or they can redo a deck to suit their necessities.

Design and looks are additionally advertised. There are 20 proficient skateboarders by the Elements group including such names as Nyjah Houston, Brandon Westgate, Nick Garcia, and Mark Appleyard.

Plan B

Introduced in 1991 by proficient skateboarding expert Mike Ternasky who was murdered in an accident in 1994, Plan B Skateboards was reestablished by proficient skateboarders Colin McKay and Danny Way in 2005.

  1. The best Skateboards mark, perceived by its exceptional logo, and offers customization, however, it additionally delivers skateboards that come as of now gathered and prepared for prompt action with everything available, the skateboarder requires which includes the wheels, deck, trucks, and perfect orientation.
  2. The decks are manufactured with a tough and thick seven layered maple wood.
  3. They are additionally intended for you to make them extraordinarily yours with cool designs that uncover your identity.
  4. Notwithstanding the decks, Plan B likewise delivers toolboxes, wheels, and the type of hip gadget that each skateboarder needs to be seen wearing.
  5. Notwithstanding Way and McKay, as well as the Plan B group comprises of professional skateboarders Chris Cole, PJ Ladd, Pat Duffy, Torey Pudwill, Ryan Sheckler, Leticia Bufoni, Felipe Gustavo, Sean Sheffey and Chris Joslin.


Skateboards by Girl, with its unmistakable “ladies’ washroom” logo, is a brand appropriated by Crailtap and it was established in 1993 principally by proficient skateboarders Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. It was made to give genius skateboarders a future. The deck of Girl is made of seven layers of maple wood, which is solid and safe. Decks can be altered in a wide assortment of illustrations or can highlight the logo.

For the individuals who would prefer not to modify, finish skateboards are accessible that incorporate the deck, trucks, wheels, and course. Gadgets, including the Girl logo, are accessible in a wide assortment of styles. The Girl group comprises of Brandon Biebel, Sean Malto, Andrew Brophy, Cory Kennedy, Mike Mo Capaldi, Jeron Wilson, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Simon Bannerot, Rick McCrank, and Tyler Pacheco.


Skateboards by Zero is the American best organization for skateboards that leaves California. The brand, speaking to by a skull logo, was established by proficient skateboarder like Jamie Thomas and is disseminated by Dwindle Distribution.

Zero brand is about resistance and opportunity of articulation regardless of society’s principles. The organization offers finish skateboards that accompany the wheels, deck, trucks, and course, and decks you can tweak, frill and attire. Notwithstanding Thomas, the Zero group is Dane Burman, Tommy Sandoval, James Brockman, Windsor James, Tony Cervantes, Adrian Lopez, Kurt Hodge and Chris Wimer.


Established and introduced by NHS, Inc., Skateboards by Creature was introduced by proficient skateboarders Jason Adams, Russ Pope, Darren Navarrette and Barket Barrett in 1994. The organization was recreated in the mid-2000s.

The brand is known for its ghastliness topics on its skateboards. The organization offers excellent finishing of skateboards that incorporate the wheels, decks, trucks, and design and in addition adaptable decks.

The Creature group incorporates 19 proficient skateboarders. Notwithstanding Navarrette, the list incorporates such names as Chris Russell, Al Partanen, David Gravette and Cory Juneau.


Top Skateboards originate from organizations, for example, Skateboards by Blind. Champion skateboarder Mark Gonzales established the brand and it was introduced in 1989. Today, items are designed by Dwindle Distribution Company. The brand is expected for genuine, stylish skateboarders. The biggest attraction of the product is the images and designs that are applied to the deck.

In the mid-1990s, the company has set itself apart from rest of the skateboard makers by making recordings. They are to begin with, coordinated by Spike Jonze, showed up in 1991. You can get products at Blind that incorporates the wheels, decks, trucks, and directional devices. The Blind Team consists of proficient skateboarders

  1. Cody McEntire
  2. Kevin Romar
  3. Morgan Smith
  4. Micky Papa
  5. Jason Thurtle
  6. Yuto Horigome
  7. Sewa Kroetkov
  8. Sam Beckett
  9. TJ Rogers

Santa Cruz

Skateboarders from all around the world know Santa Cruz for its “Shouting Hand” logo, planned by amazing craftsman Jim Phillips, and the enormous fine art showed on the decks, including arrangement styles, for example, their Star Wars and Marvel arrangement.

Appropriated by NHS, Inc. and established in 1973, the brand based in California is the most seasoned persistent skateboard organization on the planet. Santa Cruz sheets are produced using 100% pure maple imported from North America and they offer special finishing for skateboard’s, decks as well as sheets.

The Santa Cruz group comprises of 16 proficient skateboarders including names, for example, Eric Dressen Dylan Williams, Blake Johnson, and Emmanuel Guzman.


One of the most famous skateboarding organizations that are at the operation is Almost Skateboards, established by master skateboarders Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song in 2003 and marketed by Dwindle Distribution. Both had stopped taking part in their past organizations, Artifact and Enjoi, separately.

This is a brand that focuses on fun and uniqueness yet on likewise not considering oneself excessively important. The organization produces decks made of 7-layers and 8-layers of carbon fiber that are bound with tar epoxy stick.

The brand offers products that incorporate skateboards with the deck, trucks, wheels, and they have a famous clothing line. The group comprises of Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, Cooper Wilt, Yuri Facchini, Youness Amrani, Tyson Bowerbank, Mitchie Brusco and Fran Molina.


The Chocolate Skateboards is one of the famous skateboarding organizations dispersed by Crailtap. On the foot rear areas of Girl, Chocolate was propelled in 1994 by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. The Chocolate hearts logo is the biggest attraction of the product.

Their skateboards are made of sturdy seven layered maple wood. Designs are likewise essential to the Chocolate brand, and you will discover things, for example, great autos or kid’s shows.

You can discover Chocolate skateboards with trucks, deck, bearings, wheels and customized designs. The Chocolate group comprises of Kenny Anderson, Vincent Alvarez, Chico Brenes, Jesus Fernandez, Justin Eldridge, Chris Roberts, Stevie Perez, Elijah Berle, Jerry Hsu and Raven Tershy.


Skateboards by Flip is an abnormal state skateboards organization that moved from the UK to California to explore the American skateboarding industry. It was propelled in 1991 by Jeremy Fox and by proficient skateboarder Geoff Rowley.

They both realized that to accomplish the most abnormal amounts as a skateboarding organization it was essential to pick up the acknowledgment one can just get in the U.S.

Besides, in 2017, Flip banded together with the European skateboard creation and conveyance organization HLC. Flip Skateboards has the decks that are produced using 7-layered maple wood.

Clients can appreciate the standard decks and additionally the P2 models that are manufactured with an oval-molded fiber fortification board which makes them additional sturdy.

Hallucinogenic plans decorated a significant number of the Flip skateboards and also different outlines. The Flip group has 15 proficient skateboarders, including names, for example, David Gonzalez, Tom Penny, and Luan Oliveira.

Bottom line

Make sure that you buy your skateboard from the brand that you are most satisfied with. You cannot make the mistake of buying any skateboard that you like. It is important that you consider your requirements and skill level before you select the product that you would like to invest in. It is important that you consider the reviews and rating of the company you are planning to work with. It will give you the perfect idea about the brand and product that would be perfect for you.

Assure that you consult a specialist before buying the skateboard that you would like to have. they will give you the perfect idea about the product that will suit your demands perfectly. Do not waste your time and money on any fake item or product that you do not even want.